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Dont Shit Your Pants

Don’t shit your pants - game that fully describes the life of each of us. Hard to admit, but practically everybody got in such situation. Another day at the office and everything seems to be going well: for lunch you ate your favorite burrito, you sit at work, you do not have much left to do, statuses in social networks are updated and soon you will finally get a raise you dreamed of. And then suddenly comes the call of nature. URGENTLY! Your forehead is sweating, stomach is clenched, and you growl in frustration and realize that the nearest toilet is at the other end of the corridor. Your most important task at such moment is to run through the office, get to the right door, to find yourself in a free booth, finally relieved. Get to hundreds of situations, endure difficulties and experience the threat career collapse – everything is shown in remarkable pixel graphics. The most important features of the game are: spectacular mind-blowing story based on real life situations, entertaining and educational game for all ages and most importantly free diapers. Additionally, sitting on the toilet, you can enrich your relief playing in Toilet Time mode. Play funny and exciting mini-games to complete missions and unlock many hidden opportunities: Help men and women find the right toilet, adjust the temperature of the bathroom, do not let things fall into the toilet bowl to avoid clogging, avoid smelly toilets, unroll a roll of toilet paper, clean off dirt from the bowl using urine, cough to hide suspicious sounds, kill cockroaches crawling out of a drainpipe. Good luck, it won`t be extra. There are a lot of other awards that you can get. If you don't know how to do it, below you will find the cheats for Don't Shit Your Pants game:

Award-3: |PLAY| , [SHIT]
Award-5: |PLAY| , [SEPPUKU]
Award-7: Same as above
Award-8: [SHIT]
Award-9: [PLAY]
FINAL AWARD: (Get all of the awards listed above)

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